Best Friend


One Month Later

“Oh my god its been so long!” I squealed, wrapping my arms around him.

He held me close, rocking us from side to side. God he smelled good!

“It’s only been a month.” he chuckled pulling away to give me that beautiful smile of his.

Gazing into those beautiful blue eyes,…

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Visuals of the characters please , it help me picture better , your fanfic is bomb tho don't get me wrong 😈🙌

thanks hun!! XD unfortunately we never had pictures. we kind of wanted you guys to use your imagination when it came to that. lol 

Chapter 63



I watched her take off with a more than satisfied smile on my face. A nigga was happy as fuck! For the second time though…that’s supposed to be a charm, right? Naw that’s the third time but whatever it is, it got a nigga feeling stupendous.

Shit and I’m mad I waited like two days before…

Chapter 62 (Part 2)


“Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame; where there is a flame, someone’s bound to get burned. But just because it burns, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die. You gotta get up and try…”

I officially became paralyzed. My heart beat heavy, in a state of shock.

I was staring into the eyes of…

Chapter 62 (Part 1)


"Now she’s far far away, and I’d do anything just to see her face. But she’s far far away; walk a thousand miles just to see her smile again"

This morning I woke up feeling a bit down. Today, I was going back home…to Cali; and with all the shit’s that’s been going on, it made me want to stay out…

Do It To Me


Part Three

The candles were still lit, wax melting and all. No music playing though; but I didn’t care for it at this time. I was in my glory I guess you could say. We were making our own music.

This wave that I was riding was nothing short of blissful; my hands were clasped together with…

Chapter 61



"In the words of a broken heart it’s just emotion taking me over, caught up in sorrow lost in the song but if you don’t come back, come home to me darling; don’t you know there’s nobody left in this world to hold me tight, nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight…"

“Ooh my goodness!…

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Do another fanfic please!

Doing another story would not work out for either of us because of scheduling conflict. We are actually toying with the idea of fantasies… that would most likely be out sometime this summer. Its not definite but its a thought.



Part Two


For about two hours, I was teased, spanked, tickled, and licked with pleasure. I found myself in heaven, not wanting to come down from this earth shattering feeling. I damn near came from the way he rubbed my body down and almost fell asleep that way as well. It was all a…

Chapter 60



Cruising down the highway well, that is until we were met with that five o’clock traffic, everything was cool. My mom had some old school R&B music playing lowly in the background; she and I were talking as Sydney sat in the backseat. This lady had so much in store for me and yet I was…

Chapter 59



“Hello yesterday, I sure need you now. Goodbye yesterday, I just can’t stay around. You see, I cried just a little too long. Now it’s time for me to be strong”

Three Weeks Later

"Mama, I’ll see you on Tuesday." I shouted as I headed for the door.

"Mkay, you get home safe now. Ya…

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Yass! Smh with Aubrey and the groupies

LOL Right!! He needs to remember where he lays his head at.



Seven Years Later

Not in years did I imagine I’d be where I am right now. A mother, a friend, confidant, supporter, businesswoman, soon-to-be Mrs. Graham. Yeah I said that; it took us some years but I think we got it right this time around. I hope we do. These past few years have been a complete roller coaster. And if you weren’t in the circle to catch it, then you did not know what was going on. This industry could be a bitch to you, I learned that first hand but it seemed like over the years, I gained the respect that I deserved from the fans; even though I could care less for any of them who had something negative to say. But to the ones that loved me, I loved them back

When we got back from Bora Bora, Drake proposed to me - not gonna lie, I was scared shitless. This was probably every girl’s dream but I just didn’t know how to handle this. I didn’t think that I would be taken seriously as somebody’s wife. Ever. I said yes, not wanting to mess up his proposal in front of some of his friends and family, especially Nish. She would’ve probably killed me. I understood he was trying to show me how serious he was but I didn’t want him to feel obligated to do this because we had Audrey. 

Everything that happened after the proposal and even the tour, told me otherwise.  

Aubrey fought me tooth and nail on getting Audrey to go on the road with him; and I eventually gave in because I saw where he was coming from. Our daughter was growing up fast, really fast. I would be upset if he missed even a fracture of a second of it. We waited until she was like five months then we just packed up and hit the road with him. If ever had my patience had been tested, it was during that time. 

First of all some hood rat video chick who called herself, Kyra Chaos, was getting a little too close with the crew and most importantly my man so, I was ready to go off. She thought because she had her little four minutes of fame in Aubrey’s video that she’s justified to being around and apart of this tour. Not! 

Then there was the club incident where bottles were being thrown between him and Chris Brown. I swear on everything, had Casey not come in and taken myself and Nisha out the room, that jerk, Chris, would’ve been wearing his intestines as a chain around his neck. I don’t even know how it all started, I was enjoying my time and next thing I know, I’m ducking glass bottles. Sounds ridiculous, right? 

But yeah, that’s when I was on the verge of giving Drake his ring back. His mind was everywhere it didn’t need to be and it honestly brought back those feelings I had before - about him regretting Audrey and me. Cause to me, when you’re done with your ex, your done with your ex. You have no reason to be contacting them whatsoever but Aubrey insisted on talking to that Bajan heifer, Rih, and it only infuriated me even further. Nisha and me are ducking bottles at a club over her ass. Seriously? And then that very same night, before he came back to see how Nish and me were doing, I found out that he stopped by her damn hotel room. I was beyond hurt and very confused because he was telling me one thing but his actions said another. How are you more concerned about seeing your ‘friend’ that wasn’t even there that night than seeing your girlfriend whose also the mother of your child, and was actually there when the fight broke out? I couldn’t even face him after that.  

The rest of the tour, we became distant…. well I did. I only stayed because I wanted Audrey to be with her dad. Nish couldn’t come out because the spot that Drake got her into, had her working; and whereas I was happy for her, I was also disappointed that she couldn’t be there for me like how I needed her to be. It was selfish but I was really going through the motions. We did talk every single night though; she was my piece of home. Drake apologized profusely and would try to make things right - doing things to get me to smile or buy me nice things but I knew the truth as well as he (literally he would come in my presence and I would start thinking about that night all over again); and I just needed some space to figure things out.

Anyways, after the US leg of the tour, I gave Aubrey his ring back and let him go off to Europe without us. He didn’t fight me on it this time but he made me promise that I would take lots of pictures and videos to send to him, along with a promise that when he came back from Europe, we would join him to finish the US leg of the tour and also seek couples counseling. On the inside I applauded him for trying but I just wasn’t in the right state of mind to commit to that. By now, Audrey was about seven months and she was starting to look less like her father and more like me when I was a baby. It was crazy to me how genetics worked. I had never been so proud. Thankfully the European tour was only for a month so he would be back in no time.

By the time Audrey was a year old we still weren’t back together. I swear if it weren’t for her, I would’ve cut her father out a lot sooner. I know that it bothered him a lot because I refused to let him have me like how he used to. I didn’t stay over his house, let him kiss me, hold me, my words were to a minimum. I was hurting badly. His schedule didn’t allow him much time with Audrey but whenever he could, he’d come and see her. Or she’d spend the night at his place, without me. The thing was, Aubrey didn’t have to say much, he just showed me a lot and in return I did the same. It wasn’t just the girls but me and where I was during that time. I was depressed, feeling like I didn’t deserve to be a mother, feeling like I didn’t deserve to be here. As much as this culture glorifies being a ‘baby mama’, it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. Believe me, I had a baby to take care of at home, and a man on the road who I felt like I didn’t even know anymore. I wanted to work but with Audrey here, I couldn’t do that. 

Then when she hit the terrible twos, her father and I were together, sexually but mentally, we were in different places. Well I was, I figured the least I could do is get some; luckily Aubrey never turned me away. To him, it as a way for us to connect, literally; and not to mention, he could hold and kiss me. Shit, we physically lived in different places but he always stayed the night at my place, if his schedule allowed him to. The first few times, I made him sleep on the couch.

These ‘girls’ of his were out the picture and he swore that he didn’t mean to hurt me; the thing was, I was still in an emotional place. My mother not being here to help me out really threw me off. It was to the point where I called her up and went back to Boston to see her for myself with Nisha’s support. I left Audrey with her father for a couple days; I knew that bringing her around my mother right then and there, wouldn’t be a good idea. My mother’s behavior was unexpected, I don’t know how she would react. And I’m glad I didn’t, my poor baby got sick so this put Drake’s parenting skills to the test. He really had to take care of Audrey and to my amazement he succeeded. When I came back, we decided to give us another try.

After that trip, my mom and I started off talking once every two weeks then it became every week; I eventually came back to Boston again so she could meet my ‘family’. She had been sober for a good two years at this point so she was doing good and looking good too. Audrey calls her Nana and my mother just loves it. At first she was calling her mom-mom; I don’t know how she got that but I think it had something to do with her hearing her dad call my mother, mom - which was at her own personal request. She did not want to be nobody’s Misses. 

When my mother first saw Audrey, she broke out in tears. She said that she looked like me when I was a baby but hands down, she looked like Drake’s twin. And just like every single time we heard that before, Aubrey would be grinning like a Cheshire Cat.   

When Audrey was four, I was expecting again. It was a beautiful surprise, I’ll admit I was a little bit scared but Aubrey seemed more comfortable and excited about it so that made me more comfortable and excited. He was sure this time that it was a boy; he even had Audrey saying that ‘AJ’ was in mommy’s stomach. The two of them were cute; I mean really… they were too excited. Aubrey literally had his face to my stomach every single night, talking to the baby. Surprisingly, I grew accustomed to letting him take care of me. He would literally be at every appointment, making sure I was taking my vitamins, asking the doctor what I needed to be doing or what he needed to be doing to make this pregnancy, a comfortable one for me. Sadly, things took a left when I was six months in and miscarried. 

This put a strain on our relationship; I buried myself into my new work - which was event planning for the stars. Now keep in mind, this was a business I created when Audrey was three (before the miscarriage), just so I could have something to do and without the help of Aubrey and so far, we’ve been doing well. Its a partnership that I have with a close friend of mine; her name is Jessica. We met thru one of Aubrey’s friends and we’ve been tight ever since. She’s my new best friend as well as my business partner. Also keep in mind, Nish was still around, she’s still my girl; one of the best hair stylists in New York.

As for her and Casey, they’re still together, living together (out of my apartment) and are engaged… Have been for a good two years now. Me and Nish joke about having double weddings all the time. But in actuality, we both wouldn’t want to do that. Her wedding is her day, and my wedding is my day. But Audrey will be a flower girl…. hopefully while she’s still young.  

Audrey loves her Uncle Casey - if she doesn’t get her way with me then she’ll try to get her way with him and Nisha. Through all of Aubrey’s and my mess, he’s been honest and humble. He’s such a loving person; as Nisha’s friend, I wouldn’t want her with anybody else but Casey. That’s my homeboy, that’s Drake’s homeboy. He’s family. 

Sandi is still around, as is Dennis, his dad. She stays with us for a couple months out the year and goes back to Toronto for a few months; sometimes we go out there to see her. She’s still that motherly figure in my life and through all of me and Aubrey’s drama, she’s remained neutral and very supportive. Audrey calls her Grammy Sandi. A few years ago, when Aubrey was on tour, he brought us along with his dad. Audrey was the apple of his eye. Grandpa Dennis was such a smooth talker, he even had me going for a minute; it didn’t matter what me or Aubrey did, Audrey would stay glued to her grandpa.

As for Mr. Aubrey Graham, he’s been working on his fifth studio album; he’s doing really really well. Covering magazines, charting on billboards, performing at award shows and winning them, hosting the OVO Festival, touring, acting in movies, and being a great father, friend, partner, and a host of many other things. I’ll always be proud of him and thankful that he’s apart of my life; the perfect gentlemen. 

Sometimes it amazes me how he put up with me for this long. We did break up around the time Audrey was five; he and I were just in two different spaces. He wanted a commitment and I wasn’t ready for that during that time. I was uncomfortable and feeling less of a woman because I couldn’t carry out my pregnancy but I also used it as a time to focus on Audrey and my career; our relationship kind of got lost in it. He didn’t have time for me also, and I didn’t have time for him. All we had time for and made sure we had time for was Audrey. I know at times it made her sad; we would argue over the littlest things. She would always ask her father or me if we still loved each other, which would never change because we had her but of course in the moment, it was anger. 

A while after we had split, I recall a time when Aubrey was out traveling, and he was face timing Audrey, he asked her about me and she made it a point to say that she ‘thinks’ I missed him. Of course he ran with it and came back about a week later being a big flirt. Anything to get back in my good graces, I guess. Of course I wasn’t gonna lie and say I didn’t, cause I did. Everything he displayed, I was feeling like on the inside.

We ended up going to couples counseling to work on our relationship. To show him that I was serious and committed, I proposed that Audrey and I move out of my apartment and in with Aubrey, of course with his permission. He gladly accepted my proposition and came over my house that night to help us start packing as well as have quality family time. Now we’ve moved to LA, in the house he’s been getting me to live in for a while now. I swear to you the mansion, is something out of a damn movie. Sometimes I think I still haven’t finished seeing all of it and then there’s that part of me that thinks I’m too high off his love.

We’ve always had our ups and downs but through it all, he’s never downed me or made me feel less than (in spite of the groupie mess), he’s always treated me like a queen. Catering to my every need, and it got on my nerves at times because he wouldn’t let me do for myself but I loved him for it, especially looking at our daughter now. She sees how a man should treat her and accept nothing less. And even our son Ahmad, he’s only thirteen months but he’s sees how his dad treats me and his sister, so in his own little ways he’ll follow after him. If he sees his dad and I kiss or hug, he follows suit and does the same. If he sees his dad hug or kiss his sister, he does the same. Sure its sloppy and wet but its innocent, cute, and he’s learning. He can be a handful at times, but for the most part he’s chill, just like his daddy. 

In ways, Ahmad is a mama’s boy but I also think in ways he’s daddy’s boy. So its hard to say; he didn’t give me as much trouble as Audrey did when she was a baby. The minute Aubrey comes into view, he’s jumping out my arms for him. Aubrey’s face could be on the screen and he’s running to it. And he absolutely loves to hear his dad’s songs; for a while we had to get him to connect the person in the pictures or the person on the radio to Aubrey but then after a while he got it. He used to stop whatever he was doing to hear him now, his new thing is tapping me and pointing as he says, da. He’ll always be my miracle baby. 

The love my children have for each other is just unexplainable. I know in time they’ll test each other’s patients but between their father, and me they’ll learn how to love and forgive each other. I’m pretty sure Aubrey wouldn’t let it go down any other way either; he absolutely refuses to let me walk away mad so I know he’ll do the same with Ahmad and Audrey. And I’ll support him one hundred percent.

Audrey is now in the second grade; she’s at the stage where she hates going to school but then of course she likes it because her friends are there. The school she attends is a private one; on a few separate occasions she’s had classmates ask her if her father was really a famous rapper, probably because of their parents. Or maybe she’s mentioned it, sometimes they don’t believe her and other times they do. I mean I’m pretty sure they can Google pictures of them hugged up together. Drake’s never really hidden the fact that he was her father but at the same time, he does want her to have as much of a normal childhood as she possibly can…even though it s damn near impossible.

The crew is still with us: Niko, Nate, Abel, Ryan (yes even him), 40, Chubbs, Hush, Jay, Oliver, and CJ. Still hanging around my damn house…. just joking. They’re great guys. Audrey and Ahmad love when they come around. Tez still manages Drake. I swear that man never sleeps; I’ve been telling him for a while now to settle down. Sade and Spirit are like big sisters to Audrey and Ahmad. Every time they’re in town, they always stay with us, sometimes for a weekend sometimes for a week - depending on their school schedules. We’re all one big happy family. 

Next Saturday, I’ll be walking down the aisle, marrying the man of my dreams. I’ve left all worries about planning to my employers who offered to take on the responsibility for me anyways. The only thing I’ve had input in is my cake, the color patterns, my dress, the kids’ outfits, and Aubrey’s tuxedo.  

I know we’ve had our ups and downs in the past, but I don’t think I can see myself with anyone else. Trust me, I’ve tried to and honestly once you’ve been blessed with a gentlemen, its hard to get accept a jackass. Those mean jerk offs who behave badly because they think they’re ‘superior’. Aubrey’s always made things comfortable for me, dating back to those first few days we got to know each other. It wasn’t just because he was who he was but who he was behind the cameras. I mean, yeah from the outside looking in, things did move extremely fast for us but I guess things happen for a reason and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

What’s that saying? If you love something let it go, if it comes back to you, then it’s yours. That’s what its been like for Aubrey and I. With some understanding and compassion, I’ve learned to let things flow. We’ve both made some mistakes in the past but that’s never stopped the way we feel about each other. His love is timeless and that’s something I never got at home - which I fought it in the beginning. Now, it’s hard for me to turn away from him.

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Wait are you ever updating? :(😔

I’m posting an epilogue this weekend. :/

Chapter 58



Two Hours Later

Some of the hotels we called didn’t have her name in the system. And still we weren’t done with the list. Shit was aggy.

I sent some of my team home; not wanting to make them all suffer on my account. Trell and Heather stayed out here wit me tho; Mal did too, even…